Is it time for you to go back to school?

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No doubt about it, we live in a knowledge-based economy.  Our ability to grow and flourish as business professionals will come down to the value we bring to our organization.  So here’s the big tip: If you want to earn more, then learn more!

In my live programs, I often ask members of the audience how many books they read each year.  Most folks read one or two and are hard pressed to tell me the name of the last book they read.  Reading a couple of books a year isn’t going to keep you relevant in today’s fast-changing marketplace.  Instead of reading the newspaper first thing in the morning, why not take 30-60 minutes for your personal R&D?

To help you narrow down the search for your next read, I have enclosed a link to my recommended reading list which covers an extensive range of subjects and areas of interest.

If you want condensed versions that you can consume in fifteen minutes, check out this app.

Happy Learning!

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