Is your Selling Style flexible enough?


Have you ever considered why some prospects or customers react positively to you while others can’t wait to see back of your head leaving their office?

Your ability to adjust to your customer’s personality style just might be the key to enhancing your sales success.

The research teaches us that it is not just about having a winning sales personality, it’s about your ability to adjust your persona to match the personality of the buyer.

Just as you would align your outer appearance (the way you dress) with that of your Company, you should also align your inner self with the mindset of your prospect or opportunity.

Here are some strategies that will help you with your sales flexibility.

1. Approach all prospects and customers in a way that allows you to adjust to their style. Don’t make them adjust to you.

2. Do your homework. Try and determine the style of the person you are calling on.

3. Stay nimble even when you have an indication of what you believe is their style. Don’t assume that your pre-call work is correct or that they are comfortable enough to display their personality style early in the relationship.

4. Be on the lookout for clues that will indicate what characteristics your prospect is looking for. Formal versus informal, open versus closed, high energy versus low energy. A positive perspective verses a negative one.

5. Mirror your prospect whenever possible. People look for qualities and attributes that they see in themselves.
The bottom line is that you will build greater trust and rapport by using your insight and understanding of others. If you fine-tune your intuitive people-reading skills so that your prospect feels comfortable, confident, trusting and positive they will be far more receptive to your message.

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